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Psychological well-being and positive mental health
for the Aviation industry.

The Centre for Aviation Psychology promotes psychological well-being through confidential access to our independent specialist psychologists and online resources. 

In response to the wake of the German Wings incident and to meet future EASA and FAA directives, the Centre for Aviation Psychology was established to support aviation professionals (e.g. pilots, airlines, flight schools, cabin crew, air traffic controllers and AMEs) as they adapt to this new and emerging landscape. 


We know that there are problems to be solved by those in Aviation - and we know that these issues are incredibly sensitive. We believe they require practical delivery with professional expertise. Our teams provide the reassurance you need on both fronts  - we have years of clinical expertise and a track record of delivering large scale, organisation wide interventions.


We provide effective and compliant solutions for assessing, treating and promoting positive mental health in Aviation.




We're here to help.

We assure you a prompt, professional and confidential response.