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A facility for colleagues to raise non-urgent levels of concerns about pilots behaviour (e.g. psychological well being, substance misuse, attitude, personality, recurring non SOP compliance) linked to a Peer Support Programme.


This service is not intended to replace urgent reporting channels. What it does is to recognise that the transitory nature of most pilots' working relationships mean that potentially on-going and seemingly low level concerns may not be picked up on. 

Common place in the medical profession, this service is an important mechanism for people to raise concerns about colleagues (or family members) that may ultimately have an impact on safety. Knowing that these concerns will be dealt with discretely and by peers, removes many of the barriers for those with positive intent who want to take appropriate action.

The benefit we offer is an assurance of independence and professional expertise when it comes to matters of mental health and confidentiality.


Our services include:


  • Advice on current reporting provision

  • Design and build of bespoke colleague concern raising systems 

  • Anonymised and intelligent data reporting to track concerns, log actions and identify trends

  • Linking a reporting system to a Peer Support Programme or on-line referral/self help approach

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