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Our commitment at the Centre for Aviation Psychology is to provide a high-quality service that abides by the standards of conduct, performance and ethics set out by the Health and Care Professions Council.  We are always pleased to receive feedback and welcome your comments or testimonials.


If you are unhappy with any part of the service you have received from a member of our team, it is usually best to raise these concerns at the time.  We will do all we can to put matters right immediately.

If you would prefer to make a more formal complaint, please write to us at setting out:

  • A clear description of your concern

  • Your thoughts/ideas about how you would like the issue resolved

  • Copies of any relevant paperwork if appropriate


Once we have received your summary of the complaint, we will acknowledge receipt within 24 hours.


Your complaint will be investigated by a Director and a formal response will be issued within 21 days where you will be invited to comment or if necessary meet to discuss a satisfactory outcome.


If you remain dissatisfied and wish to progress further with your complaint, then you may contact our professional body at

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