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Pilot Selection

Colleague Concern

 Research & Consultancy

On-going Assessment

Incident Support 

On-line Resources

Clinical Services


Pilot mental health and personality screening / assessment in line with EASA and FAA recommendations.  

Our capabilities:


  • Design quality assured, bespoke screening and assessment protocols in line with forthcoming EASA and FAA directives

  • Provide a screening & assessment service for pilot selection through our accredited Psychologists (e.g. clinical, counselling, neuropsychologists) 

  • Screening and assessment for those being considered for command

  • Provide the infrastructure to conduct screening and assessments at scale

  • Review and advise organisations on their existing screening processes 


In line with forthcoming EASA and FAA directives, we have the capability to advise and provide on-going support for pilots' mental health and psychological well being. We understand the challenges this poses to both pilots and AMEs and are well placed to provide credible support and solutions in meeting these directives.

Our capabilities:

  • Support AMEs doing recurring medical assessments through advice, assessment tools & protocols and referral routes for further assessment

  • Provide proactive, computer-based psychological education (as part of the recurring assessment regime) to destigmatise mental health. These modules enable pilots to self assess, compare results to their peer group and, depending on results, discuss them with their AME, accredited psychologists or be referred to self-help resources.


We provide specific clinical services for individual pilots and/or their families whether they are self referred or referred to us by their airline, or for medico-legal assessments.

We specialise in solution-focused and evidence-based psychological treatment approaches which are efficient, effective and economical.

Typical areas of treatment include: depression, anxiety, personal fatigue and sleep deprivation, relationship difficulties, substance misuse, traumatic events, bereavement etc

We also provide effective support for people with a fear of flying and have helped many people gain the confidence they wanted to be able to travel as an airline passenger. 

For those self-referring

Our consultants are all highly experienced and sought-after psychologists with many years of successful practice and can help you: 

  • Improve your overall support and functioning

  • Communicate more openly with your family or employer about your difficulties

  • Take greater control over your psychological well being

  • Make decisions about your treatment options

  • Facilitate healthier lifestyle and behaviours

For Pilot Managers (and AMEs)

Our clinical services provide a necessary extension to your current treatment paths. Well timed and proactive interventions provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Provide an independent second opinion

  • Develop treatment plans to reduce long term sickness

  • Reduce absenteeism due to mental ill health

  • Increase retention and individual engagement

  • Actively demonstrate your duty of care


A facility for colleagues to raise non-urgent levels of concerns about pilots behaviour (e.g. psychological well being, substance misuse, attitude, personality, recurring non SOP compliance) linked to a Peer Support Programme.


This service is not intended to replace urgent reporting channels. What it does is to recognise that the transitory nature of most pilots' working relationships mean that potentially on-going and seemingly low level concerns may not be picked up on. 

Common place in the medical profession, this service is an important mechanism for people to raise concerns about colleagues (or family members) that may ultimately have an impact on safety. Knowing that these concerns will be dealt with discretely and by peers, removes many of the barriers for those with positive intent who want to take appropriate action.

The benefit we offer is an assurance of independence and professional expertise when it comes to matters of mental health and confidentiality.


Our services include:


  • Advice on current reporting provision

  • Design and build of bespoke colleague concern raising systems 

  • Anonymised and intelligent data reporting to track concerns, log actions and identify trends

  • Linking a reporting system to a Peer Support Programme or on-line referral/self help approach


For colleagues and customers.

Due to our professional background as psychologists, we are able to provide immediate and ongoing support to colleagues who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic incident.

We are also able to provide online, telephone and in-person support to customers who experience emergency or non-normal events (aborted take-offs, go-arounds below 100 ft, airborne incidents, emergency evacuations, etc.) In addition to the obvious duty of care, this service provides essential customer engagement at a critical time and is scaled to the severity of the event.


If you have a role as one of the following: 


  • Aviation Medical Examiner

  • Trainer and / or Manager of Pilots

  • A Peer-Support volunteer for Pilots

  • A pilot seeking command development (to build on your CRM skills)

  • Clinical Psychologist seeking to work with Pilots/ Aviation

  • Union Leader

  • HR Manager

We can provide the end-to-end expertise and materials you need to learn about pilots mental health and psychological well being or to develop and facilitate your own course or accredited programme.


We can provide general consulting and research projects to airlines, air schools, unions, professional bodies around pilot mental health, EASA regulations, etc. 


We are in the process of becoming a Centre of Excellence in the emerging field of clinical psychological, aviation and safety. 


Publications due this year cover the areas of pilot mental health assessment; self help guide for pilot mental health; and training manual for Peer Support volunteers.    


We are uniquely well placed to offer on-line materials and information tailored to the mindset and lifestyle of pilots covering such issues as:


  • Mental health

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Fatigue management

  • Self-help

  • Routes for further support


This can be provided as a link from your own intranet or through our own secure and confidential platform.

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