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We are now building the world's most relevant online source of advice, information and resources for pilot psychological wellbeing. 

In addition to our own expertise, we believe there is a vast pool of resources, solutions and coping strategies within the pilot community itself. For this reason, our project will be a collaborative one; encouraging pilots to share their own experiences alongside a growing collection of professionally sourced advice and information.

The project is initially aimed at all English speaking AOCs and training institutions, with anonymised data reporting for AOCs and across the industry as a whole.

Meeting needs on-demand

The vision for the project is that, over time, pilots will have on-demand acesss to the right resource when they need it. This means creating a variety of content. If we take the example of 'Depression' this would mean:

Coping Strategies of Pilots

Pilots personal coping experiences of depression. Pilots will be asked to send their experiences to us - we will publish a wide range of them to reflect the range of strategies.

Being a Pilot with Depression

Pilots personal experiences of depression. Pilots will be asked to send their experiences to us - we will publish a wide range of them to reflect the range of experiences. The purpose is to be both validating & informative.

General Description

An overview of what depression is, common symptoms, its prevalence in the general population, common treatments etc.

Depression and Pilots

The professional's view. One of CAP's team of psychologists present a user-friendly digest of the evidence and research that relates specifically to depression and pilots and any special considerations (e.g. medication). Helpful stats and input from Occupational Health and related sources.

Useful Resources

An overview of available resources including links to external resources, DIY questionnaires, self-help literature. Includes contribution from pilots.

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Indicative Content

It is clear that there are many excellent self-help resources that pilots can currently access. There are also some very specific elements of a pilot's lifestyle and career that mean generic resources will only go so far. Our indicative content paints a picture of what our project will grow to be.

  • Pilot Psychological Wellbeing Overview

  • Mood I (Depression)

  • Mood II (Bipolar Mood Disorder)

  • Anxiety I (incl. Panic Attacks, Performance Anxiety)

  • Anxiety II (Phobias, OCD)

  • Post Incident Reactions - Including PTSD

  • Understanding personality

  • Relationships I (Colleagues)

  • Relationships II (Partner)

  • Relationships III (Parenting)

  • Managing relationships and conflict

  • Surviving divorce

  • Loneliness

  • Bereavements

  • Gender

  • Ageing

  • Working with other cultures

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Preparing for retirement 

  • Disabilities

  • Fatigue

  • Sexuality

  • Physical Illness

  • Psychological Resilience

  • Alcohol

  • Other Substances (incl. tobacco)

  • Psychiatric medications that affect flying

  • Finances

  • Surviving (and failing) SIMSs and Line Checks

  • Surviving and thriving in your AOC

  • Falling out with your AOC (including tribunals, etc)

  • Being suspended 

  • Returning to work after illness

  • Returning to work after suspension

  • Coping with Aspergers Syndrome

  • Training I (Becoming a Pilot)

  • Training II (On the line)

  • Training III (Changing Fleets)

  • Training IV (Command)

  • Command

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