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Expert services and resources from professionals who care.

We offer confidential, professional and independent end-to-end support for Peer Support Programmes.




  • The development and management of Peer Support Programmes tailored to a specific airline / organisation 

  • Access to Peer Support Programmes shared with other airlines/organisations  

  • Clinical Supervision and escalation

  • Auditing and review of existing systems to ensure quality and compliance to EASA directves

  • Training and CPD for Peer Support volunteers

  • The capability to handle and direct referrals for support

  • Website and data management, compliance, reporting and governance


We currently provide peer support programmes to 70+ AOCs registered in 11 countries covering over 25 0000 pilots in 8 languages. We provide peer support for large and small AOCs operating in every sector of aviation.


To see examples of some peer support programmes, visit: (British Airways); (easyJet); (Swiss) (Virgin Atlantic) (Air Portugal)


To see our peer support network for Business Aviation operators visit and for rotary wing operators to

To see our peer support network for smaller, scheduled operators visit


Peer support for Cabin Crew, Engineers and other safety critical Aviation professions?


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