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Pilot Mental Health 
Assessment and Support
Over 20 chapters of the very latest thinking, research and practical applications.

Between them, Aedrian Bekker and Robert Bor have made a significant contribution to the application of psychology within the Aviation industry. Their results include:

Overcome your Fear of Flying

Bor, R., Eriksen, C. and Oakes, M. (2009)

London – Sheldon Press

Aviation Mental Health

Bor, R. and Hubbard, T. (Eds.) (2006)

Hampshire – Ashgate

Passenger Behaviour

Bor, R. (Ed.) (2003)

Hampshire – Ashgate

Anxiety at 35,000 feet: An Introduction to Clinical Aviation Psychology

Bor, R. (2003)

London – Karnac

For British Airways. Aedrian's team delivered the award winning Beyond the Flight Deck programme, engaging 2,000 pilots to develop non- technical skills to enhance the BA brand through customer engagement.

Also for BA, Aedrian's team won awards for the innovative Outstanding Leaders programme, engaging all senior cabin crew in a blended learning programme leading to demonstrable and positive impact on the business. 

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